Randy Todd

Randy Todd

Welcome to the official online resource for Los Angeles singer/songwriter and musician Randy Todd.  Here you can find information about music in L.A. and the Randy Todd Band, as well as the latest news, album updates, downloads, songs, demos, live recordings, videos from recent shows, venue reviews, thoughts on the Los Angeles music community, and more! Check out our Featured Artists page to learn more about other LA musicians that have performed with Randy.

Within the Music in Los Angeles section, you can read about Randy’s favorite venues in LA. You can also click on Upcoming Shows to see where you can next hear Randy perform live! Currently gigging in and around Los Angeles, and working on songs for another album.

Recent gigs include a packed show at the House of Blues on Sunset and a new series at the State Social House! A live recording of both shows can be found on SoundCloud and downloaded for free!

For contact in general you can email him, or join his Facebook Page and get access to the latest music from the jukebox.

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