For Randy Todd music began at an early age, studying piano at the age of five, then violin and cello and finally picking up guitar at eleven, which stuck. As a singer, Randy began classical voice training at fourteen, although he had begun writing his own songs already.

His first album,  Heavenly Blues, was recorded in the music studios of Deerfield Academy in 1992, and produced by Ed Hammond, although it has never been released publicly, the trio including Ed on bass and Matt Cadarette on drums performed a reunion gig live at Deerfield in 2012.

The next album, also unreleased, was Nag Champa, recorded in 1996 at Merlin Pool Studios in Northhampton, MA, and produced by Brandon Patton. The masters for this recording were lost and it is uncertain if any copies survived. This full-length album featured songs like, “Love is a Whore,” and “Denver Lightning.”

His third CD, Downstream, was recorded in 1998 by Skyline Entertainment, headed up by Laura Allan and engineered by Mark Gould, and was co-produced and released by his own independent label, Wildcraft Music.

In 2003, Randy recorded All is Love, with his bandmates in 5th Hour, including Michael Bizar, Simon Rochester, Mark Murphy, Lucas Carlton, and Ethan Hamilton, at Expressions Center for New Media, of Emeryville, CA, which also has not yet been released.

The latest Randy Todd album, partially recorded at 4th Street Studios in Santa Monica and produced by Stefan Broadley, titled Waterline, is currently in progress and should be set for release soon.

Although many Randy Todd Music examples remain unreleased, an extensive collection of live recordings exists, awaiting mastering and publication.